With Tips From Electricians Dover DE Residents Avoid Electrical Hazards

Consumers depend on electricity for many things in life. It lights homes, powers tools and provides heat. It also is essential for electronics for our work and entertainment. However, this powerful energy supply also has some risks. With tips offered by electricians Dover DE residents find help in reducing their risk.

Outlets allow the consumer to tap into the electrical supply. Plugs should fit tightly into the outlet to prevent overheating, which can lead to fire. Broken or missing wall plates should be replaced. If there are small children in the home, insert safety covers on all unused outlets accessible to them.

Power cords for all electrical devices should be in good condition and free of cracks or frays. They should not be placed in high traffic area. Do not nail or staple cords to other objects. Never rest furniture on them. Do not direct cords under rugs or carpets.

Many extension cords have multiple outlets making it easy to overload them. Remember that extensions are only for temporary use and are not intended to replace permanent wiring. Use the safety closures on extension cords as this protects children from the dangers of shock.

If a plug does not fit the outlet do not force it. Avoid removing ground pins from plugs in order to attach a three prong plug to an outlet. Make sure the connection is secure. Never overload an outlet by adding too many outlets.

Newer homes often are equipped with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. The should be installed anywhere there is the potential for water and electricity to cross paths. When the GFCI senses power is leaking, the power is interrupted. This can prevent serious injuries. Be sure GFCIs are tested monthly as well as after electrical storms to ensure they continue to work properly.

Be sure the light bulbs you install in a fixture are the correct wattage for the fixture size. If there are bulbs with wattages that are higher than recommended, they should be replaced with appropriate sized bulbs. Check with the manufacturer before installing equivalent florescent lamps to ensure you are choosing the appropriate sized lamp. All bulbs should be firmly screwed into place in order to prevent overheating.

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