Auto, Health, Home and Life Insurance

If you are thinking of purchasing auto, health, home and life insurance  you will definitely want to give some thought to looking at some websites to get a feel for the types of coverage that are available. All auto, health, home and life insurance is based on a system of actuarial science. T hat means that the insurance company is betting that you will pay your monthly premiums for a long enough period of time to allow them to make a big enough profit before t hey have to pay out on a claim.

The concept of carrying auto, health, home and life insurance began as early as 2,000 BC when Chinese traders wished to have some way to mitigate their risk while on the road with expensive silks and spices. Life insurance dates back only to Roman times when people joined “burial clubs” in order to try to offset the cost of a burial for their family. The concept of carrying modern life insurance has its roots in modern-day England. Today, almost every person on the planet carries some type of auto, health, home and life insurance.

The insurance industry has recently been challenged greatly with the recent disaster in St. Louis with Hurricane Katrina. Many people were horrified to discover that the policies they had been paying on for years and years did not offer them any flood insurance and so when their homes were damaged by the floods from t he hurricane, they were essentially wiped out.
Other people will purchase auto, health, home and life insurance for their cars if they wish to protect themselves against accidental damage or theft. With the cost of automobiles these days, having car insurance can be a life-saver if you have been in an accident and your care has been damaged extensively.

Home insurance will protect you in the event that you have a fire or your home is burglarized by someone. Most institutions that give out mortgages insist that the mortgagee carry home  Having auto, health, home and life insurance is also . very important if you should find that you have developed a life threatening illness like cancer. This type of insurance can offset many of the medical costs you are likely to incur during the course of your treatment.  If you find that you or someone in your family has become ill, you will be very glad that you purchased auto, health, home and life insurance prior to their illness being diagnosed. Having auto, health, home and life insurance can often make the difference between having to declare bankruptcy or not because of medical bills.

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